Paper Collectibles

Paper Collection Sorting

Paper collectibles cover a wide range of items. One of the most popular forms of paper collectibles is old advertising of various sorts. Many people love to collect World's Fair collectibles, as well as old valentines and greeting cards. Though we do not deal in all forms of paper collectibles, we would be happy to review what you have, and if we are not the right buyer or reseller for you, we will recommend another reputable expert or dealer.

Other paper collectibles to look for include: railroad items; ship items; advertising cards; old photographs; tickets; politcal items; broadsides.
Tips For Paper Collection Care

  1. Never fold paper collectibles.
  2. Do not keep your paper collectibles against surfaces that contain any kinds of acids such as low grade paper.
  3. Keep your paper collection in a low moisture environment. High humidity and heat can ruin paper quickly.
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