Coin Sorting

Coin Collection Sorting

Coins are one of the most popular items collected around the world. Some people collect coins simply as a hobby, while others collect coins as an investment.

Some coins are highly sought after by collectors and investors alike, such as the 1933 Saint Gaudens 20 dollar gold piece (double eagle). This coin has the world record for the most expensive coin ever sold, at nearly $8 million dollars.

Whether you are a coin collector hobbyist or collecting for investment, taking care of your collection is very important. Many coins are ruined due to improper storage or care. Below are some tips we recommend for taking care of your coin collection.
Tips for Coin Collection Care:
  1. Never clean your coins.
  2. Never handle coins with an open hand. Your hands can have oils that leave marks on a coin.
  3. Be sure to keep your coins enclosed in an acid free/pvc free clear case or envelope for viewing and storage.
  4. Keep your coin collection in a low moisture environment. High humidity and moisture can ruin coins quickly.
  5. Keep coins where they will not rattle around and become damaged.
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