Medals & Tokens

Medal and Token Collection Sorting

Medals and tokens are often mistaken for coins due to the fact that they are often round and depict people and places just like a coin. Many times it is difficult for a non-professional to differentiate between a medal and a coin. We can help you to understand what is in your collection so you are informed about your items and their value.

Items to look for in your medal and token collection include:
  • Military medals
  • Plastic and wooden tokens
  • Politcal buttons and medals
  • Communication tokens
  • World's Fair souvenirs
Tips For Medal and Token Collection Care

  1. Never clean your medals or tokens. 
  2. Always keep your medals where they will not rattle around and become damaged. 
  3. Be sure to keep your medals enclosed in an acid free/pvc free clear case or envelope for viewing and storage. 
  4. Keep your medal collection in a low moisture environment. High humidity and moisture can ruin medals quickly. 
  5. Never clean medals, this greatly decreases their value.
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